700mW Forest Green 520nm Handheld

700mW Forest Green 520nm Handheld
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This laser is quite different from usual green lasers, in that it uses a direct green 520nm laser diode instead of a crystal pair that converts infrared light to green (DPSS). This is new technology, direct true green lasers diodes have not even existed as prototypes until a couple of years ago, and now they are finally beginning to enter mass production. Diodes like this will revolutionize the way we make devices such as projectors, displays, scanners etc. BitLasers was one of the very first laser vendors to offer this type of green laser in the powers of 100 and 200mW, and now we introduce one at a whopping 700mW.

The color itself is slightly different than traditional 532nm green. It falls a little closer to blue on the spectrum, and a trained eye will be able to tell the difference. This laser is extremely bright, in fact it is the brightest laser we sell, only rivaled by the highest powered blue models. The beam is easily visible in dark areas without any smoke or fog. It can pop balloons, burn various materials and light matches easily as well.

There are numerous practical advantages to direct green lasers over traditional green lasers. For example, this laser has a much more stable output. While other green lasers will be very temperature-sensitive and require some warm-up time for optimal performance, this laser will have a perfectly stable output all the time, even in very cold environments. This makes it ideal for astronomers that wants to point out stars on a cold night. Another difference is its robustness. This laser has fewer fragile parts than crystal-based 532nm green lasers, meaning that it can take more beating and will last longer.

NB: No battery is included! Battery can be purchased here.

The laser is sold and shipped partly disassembled to make it legal to import to most countries. Assembly is very simple and requires no tools.

DANGER: This laser is not a toy, it is capable of causing permanent blindness, as well as posing a skin damage - and fire hazard. NEVER, EVER point this laser at any person, animal or flammable material. We recommend that you obtain and use appropriate laser protection glasses while operating the laser.


  • Optical Power: 700 mW (+/- 100 mW)
  • Laser Diode Current: 1.4 A
  • Lens: High-Efficiency Single Element Lens
  • Beam properties: Oval with slight noise, Medium range
  • Batteries: 2 * 18350 or CR123A size 3.6V
  • Wavelength: 520 nm (Green)
  • Focusable: Yes
  • Cooling: Aluminium heatsink
  • Requires Protective Glasses: YES

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