Helios Laser DAC - PCB + Case DIY kit

Helios Laser DAC - PCB + Case DIY kit
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If you wish to build the Helios Laser DAC yourself, you will find that the most expensive parts for a one-off build is the enclosure and the PCB because they are custom made. Therefore we offer a bundle with these two parts so that you can build a Helios DAC yourself relatively cheap. The kit also includes a DB25 connector. You can find the rest of the parts needed in the BOM list in the github page for the DAC: https://github.com/Grix/helios_dac/tree/master/hardware

Can also be used as a replacement for a broken case etc.

NB: This is not a complete DAC, for the complete DAC see here: http://bitlasers.com/opencart/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=87

Visit this page for more information!

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