OpenIDN network adapter for the Helios


Accessory for the Helios Laser DAC, enabling it to be used over the network instead of USB.

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The Helios OpenIDN adapter is a small box with an Ethernet port, Wi-Fi antenna, and USB port. You can plug a Helios Laser DAC (sold separately) into the USB port, and then use either Ethernet (recommended) or Wi-Fi to reach your DAC from your software on the same network as an IDN server. This has advantages over USB connectivity, such as ease of managing more complex systems with numerous lasers far from each other and the control computer.

NB: IDN is not yet supported by as many applications as the native USB connection of the Helios DAC, but more and more is coming. Currently, there are at least six supported products:

– LaserShowGen (Windows, Mac, Linux, freemium)
– MadMapper /MadLaser (Windows, Mac)
– HE-Laserscan (Windows, freemium)
– Spaghetti Laser Show (Windows)
– ILD Render (Windows)
– Excalibur Paint Alchemy (Windows, Mac, Linux)
– LFI Player (Windows, free)

Please see the official product page for more information:

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 19 × 12 × 6 cm
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