400mW 405nm Violet Handheld Laser

400mW 405nm Violet Handheld Laser
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This is a very powerful laser, with an interesting color.

Although the beam is clearly visible in dark areas, the laser is not as bright as one might expect from the power. This is because of the low wavelength. With a wavelength of 405 nm, it is classified as near-ultraviolet. The actual color is hard to describe because it is rarely seen in nature, but most people call it violet, or deep blue.

Don't let the brightness fool you, because what this laser excels at, is burning. Unlike 445nm lasers that use multi mode diodes, this laser has a single mode diode. What this means is that the beam is perfectly round, and can therefore be focused into a tiny point to achieve frightening power density. This laser can burn through many materials, including paper, plastic, cardboard and rubber. The round beam also means that it can produce a small dot even at long distances, so you can pop balloons or ignite matches even from 5 meters away or more!

405nm also has more tricks up it's sleeve. It acts as a blacklight/UV light, and many materials will fluoresce and produce bright colors when illuminated with this laser. You can also draw on glow-in-the-dark materials, as seen here: Link to youtube

No batteries are included! Batteries can be purchased here.

NOTICE: This is not a complete handheld laser. It is merely a bundle of parts which can be used to assemble a laser. The product as-is is legal to import in most countries. Assembly instructions is included with the package. Assembly is very easy and takes only a minute, you'll just have to screw a few parts together. No experience or tools are needed.

DANGER: This laser is not a toy, it is capable of causing permanent blindness, as well as posing a skin damage - and fire hazard. NEVER, EVER point this laser at any person, animal or flammable material. We recommend that you obtain and use appropriate laser protection glasses while operating the laser.

WARNING: The laser produces a lot of heat while turned on. When you feel the laser head warming up, turn the laser off and let it cool to prevent damage to the laser.


  • Optical Power: 400 mW (+-50mW) at full battery charge
  • Laser Diode Current: <430 mA
  • Batteries: 2 * CR123A 3.6V (Total 7.2V)
  • Wavelength: 405 nm (Near-UV, Violetish)
  • Beam properties: Round, Good range
  • Focusable: Yes
  • Cooling: Aluminium heatsink
  • Requires Protective Glasses: YES

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