2800mW 445nm Blue Handheld

2800mW 445nm Blue Handheld
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Our most powerful laser yet. The optical power is guaranteed stronger than 2500 mW, usually around 2800 mW, which makes it one of the most powerful handheld lasers in the world. It actually beats the current (though obviously outdated) Guiness World Record holder by almost 200%! The laser wavelength is 445 nm, which makes a brilliant, deep blue color. One has to experience this laser for oneself to truly understand the sheer power of this beast.

This laser is strong enough to produce a clearly visible beam, even in lit areas. In darkness, the beam is absolutely stunning. It will burn holes in various materials, such as plastic and rubber, and can easily ignite materials such as paper and wood without help. This laser can also be used to fight pest anemones in aquariums.

This laser uses a flashlight-style host with a very large heatsink that helps cool the diode and lead to longer duty cycles and diode lifetime. The laser is equipped with a high efficiency AR coated single element lens, increasing efficiency by about 15%.

NB: No batteries or charger are included. Batteries can be purchased here.

The laser is sold and shipped partly disassembled to make it legal to import to most countries. Assembly is very simple and requires no tools.

DANGER: This laser is not a toy, it is capable of causing permanent blindness, as well as posing a skin damage - and fire hazard. NEVER, EVER point this laser at any person, animal or flammable material. We recommend that you obtain and use appropriate laser protection glasses while operating the laser.


  • Optical Power: 2800 mW (± 300)
  • Laser Diode Current: 2.3 A
  • Batteries: 2 * 18350 or CR123A size 3.6V
  • Wavelength: 445 nm (Deep Blue)
  • Beam properties: Rectangle, Moderate range
  • Focusable: Yes
  • Lens: High-Efficiency Single Element Lens
  • Cooling: Large Aluminium Heatsink
  • Requires Protective Glasses: YES

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