Helios is a laser DAC, used for connecting laser projectors to your computer. It is very low cost and open source, yet fast and with high resolution. It supports every laser projector with a standard ILDA port.

Featured software that supports the Helios:


More info on this page: http://pages.bitlasers.com/helios/


Specifications and features:

  • Max sampling rate: 65535 points per second.
  • X/Y resolution: 12 bit (4095x4095)
  • Color and intensity resolution: 8 bit (16 million colors not including intensity)
  • Max frame size: 4095 points
  • Low noise and distortion
  • Shutter signal control
  • Custom, persistent naming of DACs, great for multi-projector configurations
  • Open source hardware, firmware and drivers
  • Easy firmware updating over USB
  • 1 year warranty from purchase date
  • Drivers are OLSC compatible: Works with several existing programs
  • Platform portable: Uses libusb which supports Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, Web etc.
  • Based on ATSAM4S2B ARM microcontroller, 112MHz and 64KB RAM
  • Plug and play: Drivers automatically installs on Windows 8 or newer, Linux and Mac
  • Black aluminium enclosure
  • Connectivity: USB B female in, DB25 (ILDA) female out
  • Two indication LEDs
  • Dimensions: 75 * 70 * 25 mm
  • Power consumption: ~150mA

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Helios Laser DAC

  • $95.00


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